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Release Date:06/01/2020 Label:Storage shelves

The current status of the structure of the shelf industry in China is that there are still many manufacturers that have exceeded the shelf. However, for a long time, due to the relatively high profit of warehouse shelves required by warehouses and logistics, the human resources and financial resources invested by our shelf companies in improving the technical content of storage shelves are much larger. In this way, the supermarket shelves Competition is still in the low-end price competition, often only working on how to reduce costs. The fierce market competition has caused some shelf factories to save costs by saving materials or using substandard materials, which has caused the supermarket shelf market to be flooded with a large number of inferior shelves, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the supermarket shelf industry.

The main reason for the vicious price competition of supermarket shelves is the serious homogeneity of products, which makes manufacturers only obtain competitive advantages from the cost. We believe that the shelf enterprise should start from the business philosophy of the business to design unique products that meet the needs of the business. Shelves manufacturers can design different shelves according to different types of merchants, innovate and innovate, and inject more technology elements into the shelves. This can enrich the product structure of the supermarket shelves, and open up a wider world for enterprises in the industry market.